Western Caspian University


World Literature

We now offer a Ph.D. in World Literature.

Purpose of the program:

  • Preparation of highly qualified experts who can deal with methodological and practical issues on world literature
  • Developing structure of research/teaching groups and presenting opportunities to current teachers to enhance their qualifications.

The Ph.D. in World Literature provides a high level of program knowledge to produce highly capable specialists who can conduct research in their field. Students analyze selected world literature and develop research procedures by using synchronous and diachronic methods. They also have a common theory of literature, special skills and profound knowledge of their chosen field. They work at the top institutions of higher learning.

To improve knowledge and share experiences, international experts are periodically invited. Some of our recent visitors include Colin Love from the UK, Randall Baker and Rise Kelsey from the US, Ross Douglas from Canada, and Emmanuel Arcon and Martinez Cristobal from Spain. In addition, WCU doctoral students may participate in the Erasmus Mundus program to improve their research skills and gain international experience.

Participation in the program and future perspectives

The Ph.D. program is offered to graduate and master’s degree students. It is intended for candidates who wish to earn the required qualifications and participate in large-scale education. Graduates can also work in cultural institutions, media, diplomacy and other areas.