Western Caspian University


Literary criticism (US and UK)

Direction Philology

Programme: Literary criticism (US and UK)

Duration: 2 years

Mode of study: full-time

Fees for foreign students: 2000 USD

Language of instruction: Azerbaijani, English, Russian

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The Master's Programme in American and British Literature introduces students to various historical sources, literary criticism and linguistics. The programme looks into modern literary research, the latest ideas and concepts of creative work, analysis of the popular classical literary texts and the interpretation of various genres of British and American literature. Those complex and stimulating issues teach students to analyze complex information, compare controversial opinions, and reach effective results.

Students will have access to an electronic library containing a vast collection of books and texts that students can use to improve their skills in effectively and efficiently using information.

Students must undergo a pre-graduation internship and defend a graduation thesis in order to receive a degree.

Upon the successful completion of the programme, graduates can pursue their career in educational centers, scientific-research centers, private and public organizations.