Western Caspian University


Translation (English, German, French, Chinese)

Program: Translation (English, German, French, Chinese)

Duration of studies: 4 years

Credits: 240

Type of study: full-time

Fees for foreign students: 2000 USD

Study languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English

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The Bachelor's Programme in Translation is a comprehensive program aiming at equipping students with strong written and oral language skills, providing a firm foundation in translation and language theory and develops the latest translation techniques. Graduates of this programme will be able to master modern written and simultaneous translation skills and will be able to translate in and out of their native language. Students will work with texts from various fields, including politics, the economy, science, technology, and the medical and legal fields. In the programme, students will also study various literary texts and written expressions; will look into the restoration of the text original forms, and determination of their meanings.

Upon the successful completion of the programme, students will be able to pursue their career paths in state and private HEIs, schools international organizations as translators, editors, technical writers, and simultaneous translators.