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Department of Information Technologies


Department's activity direction

In 2021-2025, the department will carry out a five-year scientific-research work on "Problems of recognizing the current and forecast states of complex dynamic systems in an environment of uncertainty". In 2021, the first stage of this scientific research "Theoretical and practical issues of cluster analysis" has already been completed.


1. Fundamentals of information technologies

2. Artificial intelligence

3. Computer architecture

4. Information communication technologies

5. Operating systems

6. Information technologies

7. Informatics

8. Expert systems

9. Multimedia technologies

10. Computer networks

11. Fundamentals of computer engineering

12. Fundamentals of computer application theory

13. Computer circuit engineering and microprocessor systems

14. Simulation of systems

15. Microprocessors

16. Cryptographic methods of computer technology

17. History and methodology of computer engineering

18. Modern network technologies

19. Expert systems and artificial intelligence

20. Modern problems of data analysis

21. Distributed database and knowledge base

22. Technical and software of computer networks

23. Diagnostics of computers

24. Modern network technologies

25. Application software packages

26. Foundations of decision-making theory

27. Expert systems and artificial intelligence

28. Modern problems of data analysis

29. Computer modeling of systems and processes

30. Software packages used in scientific research and automation of computational experiments

31. Intelligent city concept

32. Nanotechnologies

33. Management and automation

34. Fundamentals of hardware and software of computer systems

35. Computer graphic

36. Computer modeling in biology

37. Information communication technologies in tourism

38. Application software

39. Computer processing of economic information

40. ICT - basic computer knowledge

41. Use of ICT in the field of professional activity

42. Construction and composition of computers

43. Information systems and databases

44. Software of computer networks

Staff Teachers

Hajiyeva Rana

Askerov Shahlar

Ahmedova Esmira

Hajiyeva Sabina


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