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Western Caspian University


International Trade and Logistics


Purpose of the programme:

International Trade and Logistics is a field of theoretical and practical knowledge related to the organisation and logistics of international trade operations, international cargo transportation and the processes of globalisation and integration, which are mushrooming in a market economy. The programme trains personnel in international markets, international trade in commodities, their quantity, quality, final price, shipment time, duration and international transportation, and applying the results in relevant business areas.

The specialist in this area manages a wide range of important economic activities in international trade, researches foreign markets, analyses prices, determines consumer requirements regarding type and quality of products, organises the supply and transportation of products, makes necessary decisions on the selection of modes of transport and route optimisation, organisation of loading and unloading operations, and warehousing in the implementation of logistics functions.

Although this specialty focuses on economic issues, it also requires solutions to legal, transport and foreign language issues.

List of subjects majoring in International Trade & Logistics:

Subject Code

Subject Title

İPF – B00

Professional Training Subjects of Programme Specialities

İPF – B01


İPF – B02


İPF – B03

History of the world economy

İPF – B04


İPF – B05

English, Business English

İPF – B06


İPF – B07


İPF – B08

Accounting and Auditing

İPF – B09


İPF – B10


İPF – B11


İPF – B12

Customs Business

İPF – B13

International Law

İPF – B14


İPF – B15

Information Systems in the World Economy

İPF – B16

The World Economy

İPF – B17

Basics of Regional Studies

İPF – B18

International Economic Relations

İPF – B19

Foreign Economic Policy

İPF – B20

Transnational Corporations

İPF – B21

International Marketing

İPF – B22

International Economic Organizations

İPF – B23

International Commercial Work

İPF – B24

Azerbaijan's Foreign Trade Relations

İPF – B25

International Transport Operations

İPFS – B04

Strategic Planning

İPFS – B06


İPFS – B06

Mathematical Logical Problems

İPFS – B06

Tax Systems


Career Opportunities:

-In ministries, committees and local organisations implementing a country's foreign economic policy

-Relevant departments of state companies engaged in foreign economic activity

-In private companies operating in international trade, finance, tourism and other services

-In research centres of the appropriate field institutes of ANAS

-In educational institutions and other structures depending on the degree


-International Chamber of Commerce, Chambers of Commerce and Industry

-International and national logistics companies

-Ministry of Communications and Transport

-International ports and seaports

*Alternately, students can choose to pursue higher education in this area.