Western Caspian University


Internal Fiscal Policy and Finances

Western Caspian University now offers a Ph.D. in Internal Fiscal Policy and Finances.

Components of the programme:

  • Financial Policies and Tools
  • Impact of Financial Policies
  • Financial Policy and National Economy
  • Interaction of Investment Policy
  • Business Cycle in Macroeconomics
  • The Appearance of Financial Policy
  • Restoration of Total Supply of Fiscal Policy Instruments
  • Financial Policy
  • Main Direction of Fiscal Policy of Azerbaijan
  • Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Demand
  • Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Proposal
  • Tax and Taxation.

The Ph.D. in Internal Fiscal Policy and Finances provides a high level of understanding of financial policy, financial tools, interaction of investment and the impact of financial policy. As an integral part of the programme, students carry out independent research that includes formal methods and the use of tools applied in a modern economy. This results in more in-depth knowledge acquisition. These activities provide researchers with the opportunity to strengthen their economic knowledge and demonstrate their skills by using modern methods and tools of economics. Students conduct research in economics, fiscal policy and finance. Research activity begins early in the programme with the goal of being able to submit articles for publication in prestigious scientific journals, and to share results in science conferences and symposiums. The programme is completed with the defense of the dissertation.

Western Caspian University values international partnerships to improve knowledge and share experiences. We regularly invite international experts to speak to our students. Some of our recent collaborators include Colin Love from the UK, Randall Baker and Rise Kelsey from the US, Ross Douglas from Canada, and Emmanuel Arcon and Martinez Cristobal from Spain.

Additionally, WCU Ph.D. candidates participate in the Erasmus Mundus programme to improve their research and gain international experience.

Participation in the programme and future perspectives

The Ph.D. programme is offered to graduates with a master’s degree in a related field. The programme on systematic analysis, management and information processing is intended for Ph.D. candidates who seek careers as business analysts, designers, architects and copywriters in government, national universities, and other research institutions in Azerbaijan and abroad.