Western Caspian University


Financial Supervision and Audit

Direction Financial 

Program: Financial Supervision and Audit

Duration: 2 years

Mode of study: full-time

Fees for foreign students: 2000 USD

Language of instruction: Azerbaijani, English, Russian

Master’s in Financial Control & Audit is a full-time multidisciplinary program that delves into accounting and financial analysis. Graduates gain theoretical knowledge and analytical skills in addition to the ability to apply modern electronic analysis techniques for statistical information.

Graduates must possess the following skills in research:

-Ability to innovate analytical working methods related to financial accounting and auditing of commercial and non-profit organizations

-Ability to carry out the development of work plans and programs for research, enhance the abilities of the research team and individual executives to prepare tasks

-Ability to carry out research in finance and credit, to analyze their results, and to prepare data for the preparation of summary financial statements

-Ability to collect, process and systematize data on the subject of research, the ability to determine the method of research and the means to resolve issues

-Ability to develop theoretical and economic models of research processes and objects related to professional financial and tax activity in finance and credit

-Ability to analyze theoretical and new econometric models of the processes and objects investigated in accounting, auditing and taxation activities

-Ability to discover and research actual scientific problems on finance-credit

-Ability to identify and evaluate innovation efficiently

-Ability to detect and investigate financial and economic risks in the activity of economic entities to develop a risk management system

-Understanding of financial-credit organizations to explore financial stability problems.

Students undergo a pre-graduation internship and defend a graduation thesis to receive a degree. After successfully completing the program, graduates take on professional activities both at local and international financial institutions and companies, banks, insurance companies and audit firms, and/or continue their academic activities.