Western Caspian University


Department of Programming and Information Security

Department's activity direction: Programming, Information security, Data Science


· Programming on the Internet (taught at the master's degree)

· Programming in computer networks, (taught at the master's degree)

· Modern programming languages, (taught at the master's degree)

· Modern ICT and information security,

· Algorithmization and programming,

· Data structure and algorithms,

· Programming technologies, (taught at the master's degree)

· Operating systems,

· Basics of programming (taught in the master's degree)

· Web programming,

· Database systems,

· Internet technologies,

· Object-oriented programming,

· Cryptographic algorithms in computer systems,

· Introduction to information security,

· Steganography,

· Information protection methods and means (software technical),

· Algorithmization and programming,

· Basics of algorithmization,

· Parallel algorithms and multiprocessor computing systems, (taught at the master's degree)

· Analysis and processing of algorithms (taught in the master's program)

· VBIS administrator,

· Data structure and algorithms,

· Information security,

· Ways to ensure cyber security,

· Security of computer systems,

· System design,

· Information protection methods and means (organizational and legal),

· Computer networks,

· Basics of cryptography,

· Analytical processing of data,

· Security policy

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Staff Teachers

Fariz Hasanli, Togrul Hajili, Nargiz Pashayeva