Western Caspian University


Clinical Psychology

Programme: Clinical Psychology

Duration: 2 years

Credits: 120

Mode of study: full-time

Fees for international students: 2000 USD

Language of instruction: English, Azeri or Russian

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The master’s in Clinical Psychology is a full-time multidisciplinary program that integrates theory and knowledge for understanding, preventing and curing psychological stress and disorders, and promoting subjective well-being and personal development. Students master the basic skills for diagnosis, analysis and treatment of mental disorders. They acquire theoretical expertise to analyze mental problems and assess clinical research, and practical skills to prevent and cure mental disorders. Students acquire training in diagnosis of children with special needs & methods to work with them, psycho-diagnosis, correction, counselling and rehabilitation, etc., with special focus on problems such as anxiety, stress, depression, schizophrenia, relationship difficulties, etc.

Students must undergo a pre-graduation internship and defend a graduation thesis in order to receive a degree. Upon successfully completing the program, graduates pursue careers in hospitals, educational institutions, training and coaching centers, counselling centers, mental health care centers and research institutions.