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Western Caspian University



Programme: History

Duration of studies: 4 years

Credits: 240

Type of study: full-time / par time

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Study languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English

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History is a full-time multidisciplinary programme that covers the history of ancient and modern civilisations around the world, and fascinating events, people and cultures that determined the course of modern civilisation. Studies range from the early and middle-ages to modern Asian, European, American and Middle Eastern cultures. The programme features core courses in general Azerbaijan and world history accompanied by electives in a wide range of specific topics.

Students are exposed to the discipline of weighing evidence and evaluating interpretations of great events and significant personalities of the past. In doing so, they develop a broad general knowledge of traditional liberal arts while developing greater knowledge in history. The programme emphasises critical and analytical thinking, and effective research and writing skills.

Students must undergo a pre-graduation internship and defend a graduation thesis in order to receive a degree. Upon successfully completing the programme, graduates pursue careers in private and public secondary educational organisations, international companies, etc.