Western Caspian University


Political institutions and systems

WCU now offers a Ph.D. in Political Institutions & Systems.

Focus of the program:

  • Contemporary Political Systems
  • The Concept of Political Regime
  • Political Regimes
  • Party System
  • Political Parties
  • Signs & Elements of Political Institutions
  • Typology, Types and Patterns of Political Institutions
  • Formation of Political Institutions
  • Modern Political Institutions
  • World Politics
  • Diplomacy
  • Participants in International Relations
  • International Relations Theory

The Ph.D. in Political Institutions & Systems provides a high level of program knowledge in political systems, political institutions, political regimes, political parties, world politics and diplomacy. The program lets candidates evaluate political and social changes in the global system while providing theoretical and analytical perspectives on international relations and developing common geo-political knowledge.

In order to improve knowledge and share experiences, international experts are frequently invited to WCU. In addition, our doctoral students may participate in the Erasmus Mundus program to improve their research skills and gain international experience.

Participation in the program and future perspectives

The Ph.D. program is offered to graduates with a master’s degree. Ph.D. students specialize in particular disciplines and conduct high level, independent research. Graduates can work as teachers in educational institutions or use their research skills within the framework of international, governmental or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).