Western Caspian University


Social Psychology

Programme: Social Psychology

Duration: 4 years

Credits: 240

Mode of study: full-time

Fees for international students: 2000 USD

Language of instruction: English, Azeri or Russian

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The master’s in Social Psychology is a full-time multidisciplinary program delving into in-depth study of theories, methods, and empirical findings in social psychology relevant to current social issues. The program covers major subfields of social psychology including prejudice & attraction, aggression & altruism, emotions, etc. Special emphasis is given to the study of groups, group interaction & dynamics, and the way they affect our choices, interactions and behaviors.

Students gain a deep theoretical knowledge in the psychology of small & large groups, leadership, communication, socio-psychological training, etc., and acquire practical skill to apply their knowledge. Furthermore, students develop the necessary skills essential to conduct research of the highest quality.

Students must undergo a pre-graduation internship and defend a graduation thesis in order to receive a degree. Upon successfully completing the program, graduates pursue careers in psychological counselling centers, training centers, hospitals, international companies, advertising agencies, consulting firms, social service agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, corporations and government agencies.