Western Caspian University


Goal 15 : Life On Land

"Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss”


We provide 20  modules in the bachelor and master programs where our local and foreign educators provide high quality education with a modern curriculum and more than 400 students have the opportunity to choose these modules. During these programs we aim to enhance our students’ theoretical knowledge within classrooms and implement practical skills on the field.

What we are doing

The al sciences. The aim of the club is to provide additional information about biology, to better equip students in doing laboratory experiments, and to encourage students to periodically organize outside workshops and presentations. Biological knowledge can prove invaluable in everyday life. Changes resulting from environmental impacts and many methods of protection against disease are often hidden as a result.

What are the benefits of the BioClub?

  • Development of research skills;
  • Development of practical skills;
  • Encourage independent thought and activity;
  • Exchange of knowledge through workshops and presentations;
  • Exposure to new trends in medical and biological research.

Chair Of Ecology is working to raise awareness on some skills of and reduce the climate impact of land, safety and environmental expertise of technological projects by our experts, protection of human life from harmful effects, monitoring, forecasting and elimination of harmful effects on the environment, elimination of consequences of emergency situations, development of new systems, information programs improvement, organization of environmental monitoring, certification of measuring equipment, metrology of measurements in the field of chemistry, biology and medicine.

Environmental instructions

 Events related to the goals 

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Life Sciences

Science and Engineering

Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities