Western Caspian University


Goal 1 : No Poverty

"End poverty in all its forms everywhere"

Among the Sustainable Development Goals, “No Poverty” is one of the core principles. In order to achieve the “No Poverty” goal both at the University level and the Community level, we have established anti-poverty programmes.


We provide 12 modules in bachelor and master programs where our local and foreign educators provide high quality education with a very modern curriculum.  During these programs we aim to enhance our students’ theoretical and practical l knowledge within classrooms and increase practical skills on the field.

What we are doing

We provide full and partial Scholarship for low income country citizens and have discounted tuition fees for local students who come from low income families with aiming to help poor students to be able to carry on their study.  

We help our students to start their professional career while they study through a mentorship program and the Student and Alumni Internship and Development Center to find a job.  

As well we support the members of local community with our Community Anti-Poverty programmes organizing trainings for unemployed and elderly people.  

  • We assist start up projects from the local community with our expertise, technical and financial support.

  • We conduct seminars and webinars related to the diminution of poverty which are always open to the public.

  • We have free computer trainings and courses for elderly people.

  • Women empowerment is one of our priorities. We visit local entrepreneurial women in the regions, assisting them with our expertise, help them to prepare short and long term business plans.   



Webinar on "Business Lobbying" by German expert Stefan Kagebei

Events related to the goals


These faculties have courses/modules related to the goal

Life Sciences 

Science and Engineering 

Political Sciences, Arts and Humanities