Western Caspian University


Goal 4 : Quality Education

“Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”


We provide 19 modules in the bachelor and master programs where our local and foreign educators provide high quality education with a modern curriculum and more than 2000 students have the opportunity to choose these modules. During these programs we aim to enhance our students’ theoretical knowledge within classrooms and implement practical skills on the field.

What we are doing

Sustainable Development Online Course at WCU

200 people have registered for the Sustainable Development Course (massive open online course ).  The course ran 6 weeks with content delivered via a series of short video lectures, articles and external resources for further learning. The course was open to the general public, which allowed for a local audience. This resulted in an engaging discussion in the comments section after every step.

 Social responsibility

Furthermore,The Western Caspian University hosted a Global Forum on “Transformative Approach to Education” dedicated to quality education, the 4th UN Sustainable Development Goal, in partnership with Times Higher Education and the Western Caspian University. İn addition university published an article on digital solutions during the pandemic in Germany. 

Our commitment on providing an accessible education for our local, national and international communities.

  • from low income backgrounds and low socioeconomic groups;

  • from postcodes where participation in higher education in low;

  • who are the first in their generation to consider higher education;

  • who attend schools and colleges where performance is below the national average;

  • who are care experienced;

  • who have a disability;

  • who are young carers;

  • who are estranged from their families;

  • from under-represented ethnic backgrounds.

For more about our commitment visit  Policies 

Article (available in German)


Events related to the goals

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