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Goal 3 : Health and Wellbeing

"Ensuring a healthy life and improving the well-being of everyone, regardless of age"

Though more people today are living healthier lives than ever before, many are still suffering from preventable diseases and premature death. Through working together, we can make the world a healthier place. We at the University are doing our best to provide free basic health care, sports facilities with the free access for local community, and to improve the wellbeing of students, faculty and staff.


We provide 6 modules in the bachelor and master programs where our local and foreign educators provide high quality education with very modern curriculum. During these programs we aim to enhance our students’ theoretical knowledge within classrooms and increase practical skills on the field.

What We Are Doing

  • Western Caspian University provides psychological supports and first aid to its students, faculty, and staff at its Medical Center.
  • There is access to sports facilities at the University. All the campuses are totally smoking-free (Order about Tobacco Products).
  • In order to provide insurance for our students, faculty and staff we have developed a partnership with one of the leading local insurance companies (Health Insurance).

We also endeavor to  develop the Good Health and Well-being of the local society by:

  • We organize regular seminars and webinars which are open to the public on such topics as "Early Marriages and their Social Outcomes" and etc.
  • We provide free first aid to local community residents is through our Medical Center
  • We allow free public access to sports facilities at the University.

We are participating in seminars and trainings with the government in their goal of reducing premature deaths due to non-communicable diseases by 33% by the year 2030. During the COVİD-19 pandemic, which began in 2020, the university held several open webinar to inform the public. 

The German professor's webinar on coronavirus

International Economic Scenario: During COIVID-19

Youtube video

Mental Healthcare and Well-Being Instructions

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