Western Caspian University


Chair of Political Science

The Chair of Political Science specialises in the study of political history and theory, political science methodology, political analysis and forecasting, sociology and psychology of politics, comparative politics, international relations, world politics and political globalisation, economic policy, electoral systems and the electoral process.


  • The History of Ancient and Medieval Political Ideas
  • History and Methodology of Political Science
  • International Organisations and Leading Political Centres
  • American and UK Political Systems
  • Civil Defense
  • Safety of Life Activity
  • Political Science
  • Modern Integration Processes
  • The History of Social and Political Thought of the New and Modern Era
  • Political Theory
  • Political Analysis and Forecasting
  • Demographic Policy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Basics of Diplomacy
  • Ethnopolitology
  • Political Research Methods
  • Political Aspects of H. Aliyev's Heritage
  • Parliamentarism
  • History and Modernity
  • Modern Integration Processes
  • Fundamentals of National Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan